Trees and Bushes


A set of trees with which you can build a forest with beautiful trees and dry, lifeless trees. Between the trees you can set the bushes that can serve as a cover. Miniatures can be folded and stored in a box. The model is very simple, easy to make.

Trees and Bushes

The models are designed for miniatures in scale 28-32mm (after scaling can be used with any other system) can be combined on a table with other terrain cardboard elements sf, modern, WW2. Models can be used for table games battle, rpg. Models can be set on stands, alone or as part of another model. Models can be set up in many configurations. The models are stable, durable enough for even the metal miniatures. Models can be assembled quite quickly even with little practice.

Building a model is extremely easy:

You only need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or never.

Click on the picture to enlarge:

Avaible for download:

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