Service Building
It is a terrain element model, a mechanical workshop, a sensational addition to your battlefield. Scale 28-32mm.
The model consists of 8 parts, each of which is movable. Each part can be used even separately with other parts of the terrain. A movable driveway is added to the building, which can be used to close the entrance. All elements can be freely configured. The building has a movable roof that will allow playing inside. Interior lockers and toolboxes can be placed inside the building.
Some elements of the model are in English and German.

Optionally, I added a ramp between the stairs and the building that creates the gate.

The model is in a PDF file (A4-Letter), 25 pages, 167 layers, ready to print on the home printer, or in the print center.
The best effect is on Premium Matt paper, with a weight of 200g/m2 (160g/m2 - 220g/m2). The model is very easy to make, no special skills and tools are needed. You need an aluminum ruler, hobby knife, cutting mat, WhiteGlue (PVA) glue and GlueStick.

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Avaible for download:

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